College of Saint Benedict

My undergraduate career taught me indispensable values enshrined in the Rule of St. Benedict providing a living legacy and an example to follow. The Rule of St. Benedict and the values it embodies influenced me in such a profound way that I aim for those values–such as listening, servant leadership, hospitality, respect, moderation, balance, prayer, and solid work ethic–to shine through in my daily life.  With inner strength, compassion, and openness to any situation I wish to leave a legacy as a genuine well-rounded servant leader who truly cares for others. I strive to make this legacy a central role in my dental practice. Don’t underestimate the power of getting your undergraduate degree. Attending a liberal arts school has helped me develop as an individual and shape me into a more well-rounded person.  Liberal arts schools aim to impart broad general knowledge and develop general intellectual capacities opposed to a vocational, technical curriculum. Learn more about my undergraduate school by clicking on the icon below.


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